Project  Leadership Hermosa Beach

Task- Completely rebuild Leadership Hermosa Beach's new revamped website

  • Client Name

    Leadership Hermosa Beach

  • Project Type

    Website Design & Development

  • Date

    Winter 2018

  • Visit their:

Built with ASP.NET Core, React, Redux, MySQL, and hosted in a Google Linux box with nginx. LHB put in all of their desired dynamic content, such as class projects, various application submissions, events, and photos. The software architecture allows the super user to add new content without developer help in the future! And of course it's mobile responsive, looking great on the desktop and a mobile phone.


Rick worked with our non-profit business, Leadership Hermosa Beach, as his personal client to redesign our website, He made sure to understand our situation and how we wanted the new web app to look and work. Time estimations were made and he and our team worked quickly to generate the right content, showcase them in the best light possible, and deliver it all in a timely fashion. We even created a way for our super users to be able to add more dynamic content without needing more developer hours.

Plus the new website looks and works great. All in all, it was a great experience working together!

Megg Sulzinger
Megg Sulzinger
Communications & Marketing Director