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Privacy policy & GDPR


Processing of personal data at WEBPUPPI



Webpuppi's policy is to take all necessary measures to ensure that personal data that we process is

managed in a legal, correct and transparent manner. We fully comply with the EU General Data

Protection Regulation (GDPR). These new provisions replace the Swedish Law on personal data and

reinforce the requirements on how companies are allowed to process your personal data.


Our data protection policy describes how we collect and process personal data and for what

purposes, and it explains how you can exercise your rights. By using our services, you approve with

our data protection policy and our processing of your personal data, which is why it is important that

you read our data protection policy.



Personal data constitutes any information about a living natural person that can be directly or

indirectly connected to that person. This data goes beyond merely names and national identification

numbers, and it includes e.g. pictures and e‐mail addresses.


Personal data will only be processed. Any action taken as a result of processing personal data is a

process, regardless of whether this process is automated or performed manually. Examples of

common processes include collection, registration, organisation, structuring, storage, processing,

transfer and deletion.


The Controller of personal data – this is the person who alone or together with others decide on the

purposes and means of processing personal data.


Webpuppi is the Controller of personal data.

What personal data do we collect and from where?


We collect and process personal data that you provide to us, e.g. when you contact us, meet us at

trade exhibitions, sign up for our newsletter or sign an agreement with us. You could also provide

information to us for other reasons.

Examples of the types of personal data that we collect, depending on the context, are:

  • Name and contact information, including phone number and e‐mail address, sometimes a professional title
  • Delivery and invoicing information, payment information and other information that you provide in connection with the purchase or delivery of a product. (in most cases we store business addresses)
  • Purchase history and sales history


Why do we process your personal data?


We process personal data to manage our mutual relationship and fulfil our obligations towards customers/retailers/suppliers:

  • We supply and manage our services and products
  • We manage customer issues and related requests
  • We provide information and market products that you may be interested in
  • We store information as long as required to meet this purpose and as long as required by statutory data storage durations
  • We evaluate and delete information when the purpose for such storage no longer exists and when statutory information storage durations have expired


Legal justification for our processing of your personal data


Webpuppi processes your personal data on a number of legal grounds as described below.


Fulfilment of agreement: As a customer/retailer/supplier, we process your personal data to fulfil our

mutual agreement, specifically to execute orders, deliver products, fulfill warranty obligations, handle

payments, manage the order history, and take care of returns and possible claims.


Consent: You always have the opportunity to deregister from newsletters and customer surveys that

we may send to you.


Interest: To be able to reply to inquiries for products and to communicate with you regarding similar

products that you have previously purchased.


Legal obligation: In certain cases, we are legally obliged to process your personal data. Example:

Accounting obligations

Sharing of information


We will never sell personal data to a third party.


Suppliers: We may share certain personal data, primarily contact information, with other suppliers

and subcontractors in order to be able to perform our contractual obligations.  We may share contact information as word of mouth recommendations to others who are associated with our employees.


Customers: We may share certain personal data, mainly contact information with e.g. freight

forwarders in order to carry out our contractual obligations.  We may share high level design recommendations based on past project service work with other past clients.  However no industry trade secrets shall be shared especially if there are any agreements, such as non-disclosure agreements.


Authorities: We may be required to submit necessary data to the authorities when obliged to do so

in compliance with applicable laws or following a judicial verdict to do so.


Insurance companies: Personal data may be shared with an insurance company to be able to manage

insurance matters relating to an individual person or companies/products.


Credit reference: We may process your personal data in order to assess your creditworthiness and

ensure we can secure payment for our products and services.


Third parties: All cloud service storages, including data backup and e‐mail storages, are located inside

the European Union. Personal data is stored at cloud service providers to enable us to fulfil our




Personal data is securely handled and protected against unauthorised access, alteration, circulation,

deletion or destruction. In order to secure this processing of data, we use data networks or services such as but not limited to Google Drive that are protected against intrusion using, among others, firewalls, encryption, high password protection and authentication levels. Webpuppi’s security routines are always continuously updated in response to technical progress and standards.



Personal data is stored for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose, or as long as required by legal

obligations. Data stored on the basis of consent will be deleted if this consent is revoked. We

routinely delete and evaluate this data to ensure storage durations are kept to a minimum.



It is our legal duty to only process personal data that is accurate, relevant and necessary, taking into

account our legitimate objectives – you always have the right to verify this.


Your rights under EU legislation:

  • Right to access to your personal data.
  • Right to correction of your personal data. You have the right to correct inaccurate data or incomplete data about yourself.
  • Right to deletion of your personal data. You have the right to request deletion of your personal data in cases where the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. However, there could be legal obligations that prevent us from deleting parts of this data at any given time. In such cases, the data we are required to store will be blocked against use for other purposes other than fulfilling our legal obligations.
  • Right to limitation of data processing.
  • Right to object to the processing of personal data.
  • Right to data portability.


Change of personal data protection policy


We reserve the right to make changes to this Personal data protection policy at any given time, in

which case the new version will be published on this website. If such changes require your consent,

such consent will be requested before the changes take effect.

Our contact information


Contact to exercise your rights:


The Controller of personal data: Webpuppi & Enrique Penabella (the only one in Sweden).



USA: +1 (949) 391 9789‬

EU:   +46 723 87 69 99


E‐mail: [email protected]




If you consider that your personal data is being processed in violation of applicable regulations,

please report this to Webpuppi without delay.